Auto Transmission Services


Render quality transmission servicing for proper control of power

A transmission is one of the major machines present in the power machine of the transmission system. It provides total control on the application of power. Mostly it is known as the gearbox that is responsible for the rotational speed of the wheels. The more will be the transmission power, the vehicle will move with more speed. It is important that the gearbox is serviced from time to time to keep the speed of the vehicle up for a longer duration of time. You can bring it to Brown’s Automotive for quality servicing.

Professional technicians for transmission service

The vehicle’s transmission is a complicated work. It requires professional skill for the completion of the work properly. That is why we only let the high trained and professionally experienced technicians of our company to do the work. We provide quality service at the most reasonable rate to our customers. We use the latest equipment and tools for the servicing of the vehicles. So, there is no need to worry about any kind of mistake. Only the latest products are used as replacement parts. This will enhance the life expectancy of your vehicle’s transmission system.

Transmission service

Achieve the finest quality transmission service in our workshop.

Transmission remove /install

We use the quality parts for replacement of the transmission system

Clutch plate

Finest quality clutch to keep the engine and wheels connected


Pressure plate

High quality pressure plates will be installed in your vehicle’s transmission system