For the last few days, I was facing the problem of car bouncing while driving on the road. It was the guys at Brown’s Automotive that informed me about the problem with the suspension and get it repaired instantly. Thank you guys for the wonderful job!

Leslie H. Gelb


I am new in the town of Calgary and was searching for a reliable service provider offering Out of province Inspection for my car. On the recommendation of a friend, I got to learn about these guys. They have truly helped me in the process.

Anne Toner


Often, I need to rely on the service of my car for traveling long distances. Recently, I was facing the issue of bouncy rides while traveling on the road. it doesn’t seem to be a good sign to me and brought it to the technicians at Brown’s Automotive. The guys sort out the problem by repairing the vehicle’s suspension.

David Frum



For a while, my smooth drive on the road was getting disturbed due to the problem of wheel imbalance. One of my friends suggested me to bring the car to these guys at Brown’s Automotive. These guys have sorted out the issue by balancing the wheel in the minimal time. Thank you, guys!

Eric Pape


The brake system of my car was truly getting lot more trouble making it a risk factor to drive. Thankfully, these professional guys have saved me from facing any serious trouble by repairing the brake system. Truly, they have done an amazing task.



I own a private taxi that is also the means of earnings for me in Calgary. It was time for the annual taxi inspection and I could think of no other center except the Brown’s Automotive. They conduct the inspection professionally and gave me a clean report for driving.