Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of our company Brown’s Automotive is designed with the aim to protect and make the best use of the information provided by our clients voluntarily. Here in his privacy policy, you will get to know how those data are collected, maintained and protected for the best use. We never share any of those data to anyone at means. Some of the details are asked from each one of the clients for the purpose of making our service more customers friendly and customized. Some of the details that we are going to require from our clients are given below.

  • Name of the customers
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Email id

Ways through which the details are used, maintained and protected

We are very much aware of the privacy of our customers. That is why we only let the few officials of our company handle those details. The details are only shared with a third party if it is for the promotional purpose. Other than that, we never share any of the information with any third party for the promotional purpose. The details are properly stored in our secure database and protected with the latest antivirus to prevent any kind of malware attack.


The Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions of our company relate a lot of the Privacy Policy. We warm-heartedly welcome people to the website of Brown’s Automotive. We request all the visitors to our website to go through the terms properly before browsing our website. It is for the good of the visitor of our website.

  • The contents present on our website are all indicative and the sole purpose is to offer our visitors some clear idea about our service. The contents are provided voluntarily and we do not take any responsibility if any mistake is found in the content.
  • It is requested to each one of the visitors of our website to compare the information on our website to their known sources. If any mistake is found in the content, we are not liable for it.
  • You will find many external links on our website. The sole purpose of those links is to provide you with some clear idea about our services. We do not promote any of those links through our website.
  • Most of the things are copyright on our website. So, if anyone is found copying those items like the name of the company, logo, etc, the person should be ready for some legal action.

The company has the authority to change the Terms and Conditions without informing the visitors of our website. So, it is requested to the visitors to check the terms each time they visit our website. This is for the good of both the company and the clients.