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Conduct a regular inspection – Keep your vehicle updated


In the region of Calgary, numerous vehicles run on the road, but have they passed the inspection? Not all of the vehicle drivers have taken their vehicles for an inspection even though it is one of the most important tasks to be fulfilled. An individual owning a private car must invest in the regular inspection of the vehicle. The whole process of inspection is designed for testing and ensuring the complete safety features of the vehicle. This ensures not only the safety of the driver but also everyone driving in it. At our company, Brown’s Automotive, we conduct the inspection of the vehicle on varied grounds. This allows us to detect the problems that can further be fixed by avoiding more complications. In our company, we have the team of skilled and experienced professionals who would carry on the inspection properly. We offer a wide range of inspection services that are presented here.


Out of province inspections

Out of province

The vehicles from outside the province of Calgary must go through the Out of Province Inspections for gaining the license plate.

Taxi inspection service

Taxi inspection

The taxi drivers must get their taxis inspected annually for learning about its current condition to be driven on the road.

Uber inspection service

Uber inspection

All the Uber drivers need to go through the Uber Inspection for driving the vehicle. We conduct the inspection at our company.

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