Clutch plate

Keep your vehicle run smoothly with clutch plate

The internal structure of a vehicle comprises of the Transmission system. One of the most important components of the system is the Clutch plate of the vehicle. This part undertakes the function of transferring the power from the engine of the vehicle to the transferring system. The clutch plate performs the basic function of connecting both the shafts. This helps in spinning both the shafts with the same speed. But, with the passing of time, the clutch plate may suffer mechanical wear & tear. It becomes necessary for it to get replaced immediately for avoiding further complications.

How could our experts assist you?

The mechanical wear & tear of the clutch could affect the performance of your vehicle. The moment, you notice the disturbance in the vehicle make it a point to bring it to us. We at Brown’s Automotive can help you in replacing the damaged clutch plate with a new one. It would take us a minimal time period for offering the service so as you can drive back the vehicle. We have the best technicians in our team having years of experience and skills required for carrying on the task.